Custom QR codes and Microsoft Tags.

QR Codes

A QR, or Quick Response, code is a type of matrix barcode. People can scan this code with their mobile device to be taken to a web site or particular page within a site. It removes the need to remember your web address or have to type that address into their mobile device.

We will produce a tag for your site as part of the design process so you can then display on promotional items, side of vehicles, T-shirts, etc.
An example of a QR code can be seen below:

QRcode to scan which would take you to the woodman webs site.


QR codes can now be customised to retain branding and increase awareness. Colours can be changed, blocks within the code can have rounded corners and logo's can be added.
An example of a customised tag can be seen below:


All sites created by Woodman Webs include a customised QR code FREE OF CHARGE which can be used in all your promotional material.


Option 1


Option 2


Option 3